Insurance for Cannabis and CBD Brands

November 10, 2020AlphaRoot, Directors and Officers, Employment Practices Liability Insurance, General Liability, Product Liability, Property

  Download our coverage overview for brand and IP only cannabis companies here While cannabis products need to be tracked from seed-to-sale,  require video surveillance, and operate under a long list of other rules and regulations, cannabis-related products and services that “don’t touch the plant” operate without these restrictions. A popular cannabis-adjacent area for entrepreneurs … Read More

Insurance for Fully Integrated Cannabis MSOs

November 6, 2020AlphaRoot, Directors and Officers, General Liability, Product Liability, Property

  Download our coverage overview for Fully Integrated Cannabis MSOs companies here Cannabis legalization is gaining momentum around the world. According to the UNODC, cannabis is the most widely cultivated, trafficked, and consumed drug worldwide. (fortune business insights) As Yahoo! Finance points out, there is a compound annual growth rate of 28.2 percent over a … Read More

Cannabis Insurance Trends 2020

February 27, 2020Directors and Officers, Product Liability

Plenty of industries are booming nowadays—fintech, on-demand, micromobility, etc. The cannabis industry, however, tops the charts for tremendous growth as well as intense social impact. With so many developments in the last half-decade, success only comes through up-to-date knowledge. When it comes to the cannabis industry and insurance, here’s what happened the past year and … Read More

Product liability, contamination and product recall insurance for cannabis startups

January 18, 2018General Liability, Product Liability

Concerned you may need cannabis product recall insurance for your startup? Chances are, you need it more than you think. In 2015 alone, federal agencies recalled 4217 products — the most ever. In the new and ever-changing cannabis startup arena, you’re likelihood of risk is substantial.   What is a product recall? Product recall is “insurance coverage … Read More

The top reasons your company needs cannabis product liability insurance

August 29, 2017AlphaRoot, Product Liability

Cannabis product liability insurance is a crucial aspect to the overall risk mitigation picture, especially for cannabis startups that sell an actual product. Usually included in a general liability policy (though sometimes offered by itself), cannabis product liability insurance protects your cannabis startup from lawsuits related to property damage or bodily damage caused by product defects. … Read More