Cannabis insurance tips: Additional Insureds and COI’s

March 15, 2018Insurance Pro Tips

So, you have cannabis insurance in place but your startup is required to provide an additional insured endorsement and certificate of insurance. You scratch your head and ponder, “What the heck is that?” Let’s tackle both of these common requirements so you can take on the next big contract with ease.   1. Additional Insured … Read More

The Top 5 Cannabis Business Insurance Requirements

March 1, 2018Insurance Pro Tips

Our team encounters many different cannabis business insurance requirements. These are the coverage demands coming from your investors, landlords, business partners and other key players who all want to protect themselves as much as you do. We process these requests by asking underwriters to endorse the policy, changing the way that its coverage responds to claims. Unfortunately, … Read More

Best HR practices for your startup

February 1, 2018Featured, Insurance Pro Tips

This is a guest post from Amy Klimek, VP of HR at Startups cannot run their businesses the way established companies can. Established companies leverage their name and stability to attract the best talent in the industry. Your startup does not have an established name or track record of stability, but you do have other principles … Read More

Insurance for cannabis eCommerce companies

January 25, 2018Insurance Pro Tips

There’s never been a more exciting time in the cannabis-centric eCommerce space. It’s also never been more important to secure insurance for your company before you take off flying.   Just the facts In 2016 alone, global e-retail sales grew 24.6 percent (compared to the previous year) making up 8.7 percent of the total retail market worldwide. … Read More