The do’s and don’ts of buying insurance for cannabis startups

July 11, 2017Cyber Liability, Directors and Officers, Employment Practices Liability Insurance, Errors and Omissions Insurance, Featured, General Liability

Rest easy There’s no doubt about it: buying insurance for a cannabis startup company can be overwhelming. The insurance market is vast and there are a ton of products out there. It doesn’t help that the insurance industry can often seem a little, shall we say, behind the times. (Many brokers still use fax machine, … Read More

Understanding insurance costs as your cannabis company grows

June 27, 2017Cyber Liability, Directors and Officers, Employment Practices Liability Insurance, General Liability

How much is this going to cost me? Over the years, we’ve encountered our fair share of companies grow beyond their “friends and family” round of financing to Series A, B, C and D rounds. As time goes by and a cannabis startup continues to expand, more employees and investors are brought on board, revenues explode and … Read More

Your cannabis business insurance start date & when coverage kicks in

June 15, 2017Cyber Liability, Directors and Officers, Employment Practices Liability Insurance, Featured, General Liability

  Q: When is my cannabis startup officially covered by our new insurance policies? Ready for the short answer? It depends on the policy. There are different types of insurance policies available: occurrence policies and claims made policies. Depending on whether the policy is on occurrence basis or claims made determines when you can (or … Read More

Legal 101: Cannabis Business Licensing & Multiple Condition Contracts

April 19, 2017Guest Post

Guest post contributed by Abe Cohn to THC Legal Group and can be read in full HERE Our cannabis attorneys are often asked to provide guidance in balancing and prioritizing cannabis agreements that are mutually dependent – if the execution of one contract is contingent on the execution of a contract with a third party, which to enter into first? For example, a … Read More

How to buy insurance for cannabis companies (the right way)

April 10, 2017General Liability, Property

Getting quoted As the cannabis industry grows, more insurance carriers are considering underwriting coverage for these new, emerging businesses. The struggle that many cannabis businesses face is their insurability based on the controls in place (or lack thereof) listed on their insurance applications.    Another insurance issue is the cost of some policies relative to … Read More

Essential insurance policies for cannabis dispensaries and crop growers

March 23, 2017General Liability, Property

The future is finally here and the cannabis industry is booming! On the retail scene we have cannabis dispensaries, vape companies, e-commerce companies, ancillary technology.  And then there’s the whole crop grower side: traditional farming, hydroponics, aeroponics, vertical farming, and more. In this post we’ll focus on the cannabis dispensaries and crop growers and talk … Read More

AlphaRoot in Denver

February 10, 2017AlphaRoot

We love Colorado. Anytime the AlphaRoot team has the chance to visit the beloved state of Colorado, we jump on it! Over 7 days we attended 2 conferences, visited grow facilities, dispensaries, and local startups, and of course enjoyed a day on the mountains. Here’s the best and brightest from the trip.   NCIA Seed … Read More

Welcome to AlphaRoot: Stress-free Insurance for Cannabis Companies

January 3, 2017AlphaRoot

A new breed of insurance company tackling the cannabis and agriculture industry.  Whether you are an active Cannabis advocate, anti-decriminalization proponent, or caught somewhere in the middle, there is no doubt the topic of legalization was front and center in November’s election. There were 4 pivotal states that voted to create medicinal programs (AR, FL, … Read More