2 surprising benefits of insurance for your ag & cannabis business

September 22, 2017AlphaRoot, Directors and Officers, General Liability, Key Person Insurance

We get it: the benefits of insurance for your agriculture or cannabis business can easily be overlooked when you’re just getting started. There are a million other items on your to-do list, like acquiring licenses, growing product to sell, finding investors…oh, and making money. Most new founders consider insurance as a “CYA” move so if something … Read More

Cannabis startup risk tips: how to optimize your insurance policies

September 14, 2017AlphaRoot

Insurance for your cannabis startup should be seen as more of an investment than another expense but given the hectic lives of many founders, it sometimes becomes another tick-the-box activity.   But when used properly, cannabis businesses can obtain value from their policies well beyond that “set it and forget it” approach. Here are a few … Read More

Cannabis company insurance requirements for landlords, clients and investors

September 7, 2017AlphaRoot, General Liability

It’s a new world, where we see many different types of cannabis company insurance requirements (as well as coverage change requests) from our clients’ landlords, business partners and investors. These processed requests create an endorsement on the policy that puts the change into effect. Whether it’s a change of location or the addition of new coverage to … Read More

The top reasons your company needs cannabis product liability insurance

August 29, 2017AlphaRoot, Product Liability

Cannabis product liability insurance is a crucial aspect to the overall risk mitigation picture, especially for cannabis startups that sell an actual product. Usually included in a general liability policy (though sometimes offered by itself), cannabis product liability insurance protects your cannabis startup from lawsuits related to property damage or bodily damage caused by product defects. … Read More

AlphaRoot in Denver

February 10, 2017AlphaRoot

We love Colorado. Anytime the AlphaRoot team has the chance to visit the beloved state of Colorado, we jump on it! Over 7 days we attended 2 conferences, visited grow facilities, dispensaries, and local startups, and of course enjoyed a day on the mountains. Here’s the best and brightest from the trip.   NCIA Seed … Read More

Welcome to AlphaRoot: Stress-free Insurance for Cannabis Companies

January 3, 2017AlphaRoot

A new breed of insurance company tackling the cannabis and agriculture industry.  Whether you are an active Cannabis advocate, anti-decriminalization proponent, or caught somewhere in the middle, there is no doubt the topic of legalization was front and center in November’s election. There were 4 pivotal states that voted to create medicinal programs (AR, FL, … Read More